Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hillsdale Christian Fellowship Update for 2010

Hello all,

Welcome to 2010. We hope you are refreshed for a new semester. May the Lord continue to equip you in all things for doing His will as you prepare to return to campus.

Before we get back up the Hill, we wanted to let you know about some Hillsdale Christian Fellowship updates:

The first HCF leadership meeting will be Tuesday, January 12, details forthcoming. All are welcome to attend.

Campus-wide Prayer will begin again on Wednesday, January 13 at 12:05 p.m. in the Fish Bowl next to the library.

Also, of note: at the first Unite (January 21), we will be having the first HCF bookswap. As believers, we always want to be in the business of encouraging one another and building each other up. While we all benefit from worshipping together both on campus and at our churches, we also learn from other believers outside of Hillsdale by reading, listening to pod-casts, following blogs, etc. While HCF cannot stock a bookstore, we can facilitate a book exchange. While you are still at home, find a Christian book that you have benefited from by are now willing to part with and bring it back with you to campus. Right before heading into Unite, drop off your books outside of Philips. During Unite we will arrange the books. Afterwards you will be able to pick up as many new books as you originally brought. Do note that HCF does not endorse any of the books that will be exchanged but we do hope you will bring and share solid resources with each other. So, head to your bookshelves and start collecting books to trade.

We cannot wait to see everyone back on campus.
The Vision Team: Zach Howard, David Guthrie, Jon Lewis, Betsy Peters, Lee Anne LaPlue, and Lauren Demianiuk

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